All Win Aluminium Industries

ALL-WIN Aluminum Industries, Ahmadabad One of The Bigest name in Non Ferous Metal Casting foundries in ahmedabad (india). With Various Casting Department
With the 36 Years of wast Experience we are surving many of leading Engineering companies like Wadia body builders, Mamta Extrusion systems. MBH Pump, Milacron India, Neo Plast, Steefo industries, and many more. We have well equipped foundry department with many of induction furnaces, Electrical resistance furnaces, Pitt furnaces, and all the other machineries..

Our Three Casting Department are as Under

Sand casting of Non ferrous metals

We are doing Sand casting of Aluminum alloy & Copper base alloys upto 9 feet in Diameter and 9 - 10 feet length long casting with molasses’ sand,Co2 sand casting , shell core & No bake core facility.We do casting in the range of 200 gms to 400 kg single piece.we do GUN METAL,LTB-2, LTB-4, PHOSPHOR BRONZE-Pb-1,Pb-2, ALU.-BRONZE Ab-1, ,Ab-2, BRASS,HT. BRASS , GERMAN SILVER & OTHERS along with Aliminium alloys LM-2,LM-4,LM-6,LM-9,LM-25 MAZAK METAL & OTHERS

Gravity& Pressure die casting ofAluminium & Zinc alloy

We have a state of an art facility for Gravity & Pressure die casting of Aluminum & zinc alloy capacity ranging from 10 gms to 10 kg. single piece. In die casting,we can cater to LM-2,LM-4,LM-6,LM-9,LM-25 MAZAK METAL & OTHERS

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